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The biggest barriers to young people participating in new activities include lack of time, cost and poor health. An increase in the cost of sport and recreation will continue to increase these barriers for our young people. 21% of Auckland children are currently overweight or obese. 32% of New Zealand children are expected to be overweight or obese by 2025. ... See MoreSee Less

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Shore to Shore is back for its 34th year and will be held on April 8th 2018!! Last year we saw 5,400 people run across the beaches between Takapuna and Milford and we can't wait for this year's event! This event brings together the North Shore community and supports local schools by providing them with an opportunity to raise funds for much-needed sports gear.

Registrations open on February 1st at shoretoshore.co.nz/
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Little Kauri Leadership

Growing Leadership Potential in Young People

Little kauri is designed to teach young people about leadership, encourage them to pursue leadership roles and give them self-confidence and leadership tools for life.

The Philosophies of Little Kauri

  • In order to lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself
  • The belief that leadership experiences enhance the development of all young people, not just a select few
  • An understanding that leadership is an act of service
  • The belief that many leadership characteristics and traits can be developed – leaders are made, not born.

The learning intentions of Little Kauri are that students are able to demonstrate co-operative and communicative skills through planning and leading activities. Students are empowered to learn to plan, organise and implement independent programmes with increasing confidence and pride.

Programme Content and Resources

The programme can be used to develop a broad range of leadership roles such as team captains, prefects, peer leaders, coaches or simply to run fun lunchtime activities in a school setting

Little Kauri leaders will be provided with their own Journal and the school will be provided with their own Activities Pack.  These will help support planning and implementation of activities and games.

Workshops will be used to reinforce leadership skills such as co-operation, trust building, commitment, responsibility, decision-making and problem-solving.

Teachers attend a personal development workshop where they learn about the programme and how they can support and develop their students as leaders.

A fantastic opportunity to benefit your school and students!

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