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Chris Wade

Chris Wade

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The Hand Up Fund has been created by Harbour Sport as a result of an initial partnership set up with Rotary Browns Bay. Hand Up is aimed at supporting elite junior athletes that will benefit the most from a small financial hand up and support them on their pathway to senior national honours.

Hand up fund 2016

In November 2016, multiple items of sporting memorabilia were auctioned both on Trade Me and via a live auction at the Harbour Sport Excellence Awards. These items included a Joseph Parker Signed Boxing Glove, Sir Ed Hillary Signed $5 Notes and a Jack Nicklaus Signed Golf Ball. The auction of these items and many more helped us secure funds for the next Hand Up Fund funding round.

This year’s recipients were:

  • Kate Burley (North Harbour Netball) – $750
  • Claudia Bunge (Northern Football) – $500
  • Matthew Lucente (Squash North Harbour) – $250

Donating this year

By donating through the link below, you are assisting us in our pursuit of making high level sport available to all. Our vision is to expand the fund to support more and more athletes each year. Through even the smallest of donations, you are helping us reach this goal and support our local young sportspeople.


Getting funding for your athletes

All of our RSO’s are eligible to have athletes as recipients of the fund, providing they donate an item to be auctioned that raises money for the fund. In return for a donation, we would like to offer you the opportunity to nominate one of your athletes to potentially receive a proportion of the Hand Up Fund. This year, we are hoping to give upwards of $1000 to the worthiest candidates!

For more information, please contact Chris


Make a Difference

 You are helping us reach this goal and support our local young sportspeople!

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