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Liz Golding

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We will be running a series of monthly workshops that will expose you to experienced coaches from many different sports. These workshops will run for 90 minutes and allow you to meet some of New Zealand’s Coaching Legends and find out how they achieved success.

The first legend is Eddie Kohlhase, a highly successful softball coach who has won multiple world championships as a coach and player. Eddie was involved with the Black Socks coaching team for 15 years. Come along on August the 2nd to learn about his journey to success!
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A Healthy Start for Teens from 12 to 18 years

What is Active Teens?

Teens are unique in that they respond to a distinctly different type of motivation.

To achieve the best health and fitness outcomes Active Teens will have a greater focus on personal accountability and motivate teens in ways that are specific to them.

Modelled after other boxing programmes for teens, Active Families is creating a programme that will involve boxing as well as weight training and cardio sessions supervised by our trainers.

It will provide not only health benefits but discipline, focus and a change in attitude about nutrition and fitness.

A booklet will help the participants track nutrition and exercise achievements as well as providing a space for personal reflection in a diary section.

The Active Teens programme will also involve the families as it is essential that the whole family is involved in food choices, transportation and vital encouragement.

Programme details


Where: Mahurangi College, Warkworth

When: Exercise sessions Tuesday 4.20-5.20pm, Warkworth Fitness Centre

The programme will run for 10 weeks. These teens can expect to be put through their paces with a boot camp style workout each week.




Aged ≥ 12 – 18 years.
Geographical boundaries: North Shore, Rodney, Waitakere and Hibiscus Coast
Note: Teens must be available to attend activity sessions on Wednesdays 5pm Warkworth Fitness Centre (Rodney)
Currently inactive (less than 5 hours per week)
Have a stable medical/ mental condition that could benefit from regular physical activity.
Family is ready to make changes to their lifestyle and consents to being referred
Referrals can be by self-referral (please contact Active Teens staff directly), your general practice team (doctor or practice nurse), or any other health professional.


The main objective of Active Teens is weight loss and change to body measurements. However, it also aims to educate teens on living a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise advice.

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