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Shaun Matthews

Shaun Matthews

Community Coaching Advisor

09-448 0307 / 029 295 0029

Tony Mordaunt

Tony Mordaunt

Rodney Sport Development

Harbour Sport is very approachable and friendly – I would highly recommend getting in touch if you’d like a new perspective or a bouncing board for your coaching ideas. More coaches should be aware that a Coach Advisor is accessible as a valuable asset in the community to help them improve their delivery and teaching skills, of whatever sport they might be coaching!

Anna Ankersmit

Sailing Coach, Wakatere Boating Club

Coaching, a Harbour Sport key strategic goal

We are committed to producing better coaches

Interested coaches can apply for a place on the 2020 Coach Evolve programme by filling in the online Expression of Interest Form.

The development of the Harbour Region Coaching Plan was completed which aligned with the Aktive Auckland Sport & Recreation Coaching Plan, and the Sport New Zealand Coaching Plan. Coaching is an identified area of need in the region, with the need to recruit, retain and develop coaches at all levels being of huge importance.

The Harbour region has a clear vison for coaching, which places coaches understanding the needs of the athletes they are working with, at the centre of their thinking. 2018 has seen the further development and strengthening of some key coaching projects to align with this philosophy. For primary and secondary school coaches, the CSI project and the Growing Coaches programme provided frequent support and upskilling to a total of 863 adult and student coaches in 2017. This number looks set to grow in 2018 as the CSI team continue to provide quality coach development opportunities. In addition, the Talent, Leadership, Character initiative currently includes Mahurangi College and Long Bay College. This programme has provided 115 students and 14 coaches in 2018 so far with regular engagement around developing leadership skills and character.

For Club and RSO coaches, the Coach Evolve programme for 2018 has also been developed and has catered is catering for 20 targeted coaches within the Harbour community, to develop their skills, so that they can provide a better sporting experience for their respective teams/athletes.

Coach Evolve

This is an annual Auckland wide program run under Aktive Auckland Sport & Recreation.

The aim of the programme is to advance the innovation, creativity and performance of outstanding Auckland Coaches working in the Development Coaching Community. A strong feature of this programme is the cross-sport interaction and sharing that will allow coaches to discuss experiences, challenges and learning in a safe and supportive environment. The programme will have an emphasis on “Action Learning Theory” with the aim of coaches being able to apply learning into a practical coaching context.

Interested coaches can apply for a place on the 2020 Coach Evolve programme by filling in the online Expression of Interest Form.

For more information on this contact Shaun Matthews, as there are limited spaces to be part of this program each year.

Coach Observation

Being observed in your own coaching environment can be one of the most beneficial ways to improve as a coach. This is because the person observing can give you non judgemental feedback specific to you, based on key areas you want to improve or develop.

Shaun, Harbour Sports community coaching advisor, can come out and attend your training sessions or game days and provide insights in to some key areas that can help develop the environment you create.


This opportunity provides ongoing 1-1 support for coaches. Mentoring is an option if you are an ambitious coach who wants to develop and has time to commit to in depth learning and development.

The beauty of mentoring is the coach drives the process of their own development, and their mentor is there to guide them and challenge their thinking to help them be better. The mentoring process involves regular meetings with your mentor.

Contact Shaun for further details.


Understanding the sport you coach, or ‘what’ to coach is an important part of being a successful coach. Equally as important is having a sound understanding of ‘how’ to coach it. I.e. what skills you need to communicate effectively, how to create a quality learning environment for your athlete/s, how to plan effectively, how to build a strong team culture

We can help provide development for your coaches around the ‘how’ of coaching.

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