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Last year Aktive identified a capital shortfall in Auckland Council’s draft sport and recreation budget of at least $500 million over the next ten years.

After sector advocacy, an additional $120 million was added to the sport and recreation budget in Auckland Council’s latest Long-term Plan – a step in the right direction for the one million Aucklanders, adult and children, who are active each week. But there is still a huge gap of $380 million.

There were 3,000 submissions on sport and recreation to the Long-term Plan. Imagine if all 453,000 Auckland sports club members exercised their vote in the upcoming local elections.

The next Long-term Plan 2021-31 will be decided by people we elect this year so it is imperative we know which candidates support the value of sport and creation and who will support funding decisions to deliver the associated benefits.

So, don’t leave it to chance – choose who to vote for based on what you know about what they stand for. To help, we invited all the candidates in the Mayoral Race, and all those standing for election as Ward Councillors, for their views, plans and policies on something we all, as advocates for sport, recreation and physical activity, hold dear. Local Board responses are also included.

Some candidates have shared their views. Some haven’t responded. Find out who has said what and who hasn’t said anything here:

Have a read and exercise your vote.

Supporting social media messages:

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