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Vote for your Local Hero – Shoko Maeda!

Shoko Maeda

Shoko Maeda has recently been chosen as one of 6 finalists for the Westfield Local Hero’s campaign as an individual who they have recognised as promoting social wellbeing and harmony in their communities – Congratulations to Shoko!

Shoko is part of the ActivAsian team at Harbour Sport and promotes wellbeing, harmony and social inclusion through the practice of sports and recreational activities across all ages, genders, abilities and ethnicities.

Through Harbour Sports, Shoko organises retirement village exercise, early childhood fundamental movement skills, Walk with us Albany, Summer and Winter fun, water and bike safety programs and walking groups. The $10,000 grant would enable Shoko to continue her work in the community, and would help to establish an internship programme for international students.

Voting for the Westfield Local Hero started the 19th of June until 1st July.

Please vote for our Shoko so she is able to continue to do the amazing work she does!!!

It’s easy… Hit Vote For Shoko.. Vote Now on the Westfield Page… Choose New Zealand… Choose Westfield Albany… Choose Shoko Maeda!

Vote for Shoko!

Please forward to anyone you know so she can make her dream come true!

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