Active for Life – Green Prescription – March 2021

What is your background with health and fitness like?

Jessie has 3 young children, including a 1 year old, and found that between family and working commitments, often her self-care took a back seat. This included not eating well or regularly and having a lot of sugar.

How was your journey with green prescription?

Jessie’s initial introduction to nutrition support was attending an online seminar.

Following this, she had a few conversations with the nutritionist and discussed some challenges around meal planning and preparing healthy snacks.

Jessie said she was aware of a lot of things that had developed into habits which she would like to change.

The nutritionist sent Jessie a few resources to help get started.

What was your main goal when joining the green prescription programme?

Get back on track after third baby- with both mental and physical health.

What results/impact has your nutrition journey had?

Jessie has made changes to the foods her family are eating (more wholegrains and vegetables), has developed a system of 4-week meal planning and was making more effort to eat breakfast and prepare healthy lunches.

She thinks more carefully about what she is eating and drinking and notices when it is out of habit rather than hunger.

What are your future goals?

Jessie is eager to continue making changes and lose some of the baby weight she has gained- over time, not quickly.

“Green Prescription helped me to get into better habits- I’ve cut way down on sugar and alcohol and now eat good breakfasts more regularly.”


Nutritionist: Cherise Pendergrast
Phone: 022 658 3305
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