Personal Wellbeing Consultations


Choose from an Initial Personal Wellbeing Consultation, Follow Up Consultation or benefit from one of our beneficial and cost effective Packages:

  • Get Going – Initial + Follow up – $115
  • Get Serious – Initial + 3 Follow-ups – $195
  • Committed – Initial + 6 Follow-ups – $297
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A Personal Wellbeing consultation is all about you and addressing where you are at with your Health and Wellbeing.  Our consultants use the Six Pillars Programme to address and provide guidance in several areas of your life.

The six pillars include:

  • How are you Fuelling?
  • How are you Moving?
  • What are you Thinking?
  • How are you Connecting?
  • How are you Restoring?
  • How are you Celebrating?

Our Consultants specialise in these key areas and will guide you to better understand yourself. Help you to define your values, to create habit change and empower you to make positive, long-lasting actions in your life.   Everybody is different and so are the programmes.  Our programmes are personalised and tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you are looking for greater alignment in your life, more confidence, self-esteem and to do something positive for YOU for a change, then these consults are for you.




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