Harbour Sport & Harbour Rugby collaborated in 2018 to support local clubs from within the North Harbour community from a coach development planning perspective.
Helensville Rugby Club is a vibrant Rugby Club with a large junior (ages 5-12) player base and therefore the quality of coaching and coach retention is a major focus for the committee.
Appointed Coaching Manager for the club, Darren Coe, met with Harbour Sport’s Community Coach Advisor, Calvin Buttimore & Harbour Rugby’s Junior Rugby Manager, Vyron Smith to develop a coach development plan to be led and implemented by the club. This strategic document was based off Helensville Rugby Club’s specific coaching needs and aimed to establish “a club with coaches who are competent & confident to deliver a quality rugby experience for all players”. The Coaching Plan had 2 priorities: 1) to upskill all current coaches and 2) to create a culture of sharing & peer support.

Harbour Sport & Harbour Rugby then supported the Clubs implementation of this plan by providing 4 upskilling opportunities to a total of 31 coaches throughout the 2018 season.

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