Harbour Sport’s Green Prescription Team (GRx) are reviewing exercise classes, both online and in-person (Waitemata), to provide Grx members with more physical activity choices. Each class is reviewed by a Healthy Lifestyle Advisor and ranked based on effort level (low, medium, or high impact).



We have reviewed various classes within the Waitemata region. Each class is ranked by level of ease, these levels are as follows:


Green Pins = Low-Impact Classes

Blue Pins = Medium-Impact Classes

Yellow Pins = High-Impact Classes

Click each pin for information on each class.


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Reviewed By: Sunny

Online Provider: NHS Fitness Studio

Class: Back Pain Pilates 

Class Cost: FREE

Description: This video Demonstrates Pilates Exercises that are suitable for chronic back pain. The class starts up with a gentle full body Dynamic warm-up. After that, the routine shifts into more core stability work on the mat. These exercises keep changing while shifting the emphasis on side abs, Glute muscles, Deep core muscles, Hip and Hip opening exercises which help to ease back pain.

Reviewed By: Wanakia

Online Provider: NHS Fitness Studio

Class: Pilates for Arthritis

Class Cost: FREE

Description: This video demonstrates pilate-inspired exercises that are suitable for people with arthritis. The 32-minute class begins in a standing position and focuses on warming up the entire body using gentle exercises. Following the warm-up, there is a shift to floor-based movements on the mat. The following sequence focuses on the release and mobilisation of the lower back, spine, and hips.

Reviewed By: Vanessa

Online Provider: AgeFit Exercise and Balance Programme

Class: AgeFit

Class Contact:

Class Cost: FREE

Description: Home exercise and balance video programs prescribed for seniors., but suitable for anyone with limited mobility, post or pre-op. Functional exercise helping you enjoy everyday activities and hobbies through being stronger, more balanced, and more mobile. Exercises are grouped into simple sets, clearly explained, and easy to follow. Seated and standing options are available. Classes are 45 min including warm-up and stretching to finish.

Reviewed By: Khalum

Online Provider: NHS Fitness Studio

Class: Aerobics for Beginners

Class Cost: FREE

Description: Fun 45-minute class based on aerobic movement. Including a 10min toning and stretching session. Beginners’ aerobics is a combination of moderate-intensity movements. It is a non-stop class that burns calories, tones the muscles and improves coordination and cardiovascular fitness. The first 30-mins is non-stop movement while the final 10-15 is on the floor toning and stretching. The instructor goes at a moderate pace but insists that people create a pace comfortable enough for themselves.

Reviewed By: Vanessa

Online Provider: BHB Zumba

Class: BHB Zumba

Class Cost: Free but Koha (Donations) greatly appreciated

Description: Fun, choreographed movements to salsa and international music, classes typically consist of a series of Latin-inspired songs, starting with a slower warm-up song, building intensity throughout the workout, and ending with a cool-down song. Even if you’re not a strong dancer, the choreography is repetitive and designed to be built upon, so most people will catch on to the moves as they go. Just about anyone can do it, and regardless of how quickly you pick up on the choreography, you’re likely to be having fun—and sweating. Low impact options are always given, a lot of core rotational muscles and a full-body workout. No special equipment or outfits are needed either. All you need is a positive attitude and to keep moving along with each song.

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