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As trends, techniques and advances in sport and fitness evolve, you should too. Coach Evolve is a generic cross-code coach development programme available for coaches working with players in clubs, schools and the community.

Coach Evolve is structured around three regional workshops and three local group forums. Over the year coaches take part in a mixture of presentations, discussions, practical sessions, individual and group feedback and opportunities for self-reflection to allow coaches to put existing and new coaching skills into practice. Coaches are invited to join an online group that provides additional resources and other valuable coaching information.


Programme details:

To apply for Coach Evolve, please complete our expression of interest form. All applications must be submitted with a supporting endorsement by your code’s Regional Sports Organisation (or equivalent) to be considered.

“I really loved our first session – Finding your greatness as a coach. Here I learnt and acknowledged my strengths and areas to improve on. But also identifying my fears as a coach, something I never acknowledged or considered before in all honesty. Learning about Head, Hands and Heart – was a great eye opener and a very useful tool to self-check in with myself. “

“It was very affirming but one of the things I really came away with is the thinking that less is more. Making sure that I continue to reflect on how much I hear myself and how much I hear my players. I want to get that balance right. So, the questioning exercises helped that and so did the leadership video example.”

“Shaun is a great facilitator and communicator. Very easy to get along with. He talks with you and not at you, as some educators do”

For more information please contact:

Shaun Matthews

029 295 0029

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