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Jonny Nicholson

Jonny Nicholson

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Hand Up Fund 2017

“After receiving the award, I used it to fund my trip to the Australian National Championships. 

It was an important learning experience for next year where I would like to aim for top 5 at the very same competition.

The trip was important in regards to staying with other athletes and preparing for major events as we had to effectively plan and operate entirely by ourselves as athletes. It made for an incredible experience and I’m sure it will be incredibly useful going into a European season prior to the World University Games next year.”

– James Steyn – North Harbour Bays Athletics

Hand Up Fund 2017

“Tennis is a very expensive sport and I am grateful for the $1000 you gave me. It means a lot to me when other people show support apart from my mum and dad as it encourages me that I am not alone and there are other people who believe in me and want me to succeed. I am currently based in Barcelona at an academy and the $1000 allowed me to travel to Estonia and Lithuania to compete in ITF Futures tournaments which were a great experience and an important part of my development. I am very grateful for the Hand Up Fund that helped me to do this.”

– Macsen Sisam – Tennis Northern

Hand Up Fund 2016

“I used the grant towards entry fees and travel expenses in the Oceania Junior Championships and New Zealand Junior Open.

I learned a lot from entering these tournaments and I believe they have helped me grow as an athlete.”

– Matthew Lucente – Squash North Harbour

Rewarding Young Elite Athletes

The Hand Up Fund was created by Harbour Sport as a result of an initial partnership set up with Rotary Browns Bay.

The Hand Up Fund is aimed at supporting elite young athletes to help them on their journey to the next level. This year, athletes can receive up to $1500. (The Hand Up Fund amount will increase as more funds are secured in future years). Up to six finalists will be selected and invited to the Harbour Sport Excellence Awards with up to three winners being announced on the night (Friday November the 16th).

Hand Up Fund

In 2016, multiple items of sporting memorabilia kindly donated by Not For Me and various RSO’s were auctioned both on Trade Me and via a live auction at the Harbour Sport Excellence Awards. These items included a Joseph Parker Signed Boxing Glove, Sir Edmund Hillary Signed $5 Note, and a Jack Nicklaus Signed Golf Ball. Other items that have been donated in the past include: Silver Ferns signed netball, Lydia Ko signed club cover and putter, signed All Whites shirt, Stacey Michelson’s Rio Olympics hockey stick signed by 7 members of the NZ Olympic team, John Key signed golf ball, and Sam Webster signed 2014 World Championships track cycling jersey. The auction of these items and many more helped us secure funds for the next Hand Up Fund funding round. If you know of anyone who is willing to donate such an item to the fund, please contact us!


  • Kate Burley (North Harbour Netball) – $750
  • Claudia Bunge (Northern Football) – $500
  • Matthew Lucente (Squash North Harbour) – $250


  • James Steyn (North Harbour Bays Athletics) – $1000
  • Macsen Sisam (Tennis Northern) – $1000
  • Samalulu Clifton (North Shore Canoe Club) – $1000

Getting Funding For Your Athletes

Harbour Regional Sports Organisations are welcome to nominate one athlete of their choosing (per funding round) to potentially receive a portion of the fund. If a sport has no RSO on the North Shore, the NSO can nominate. 

Step by Step:

1. Read through criteria to determine eligibility of athlete.
2. Athlete to complete the questions on the form (information required from athlete) below and send to nominator (RSO).
3. RSO to complete application form using information from the athlete.
4. RSO to source and provide an item of sporting memorabilia or equipment for the fund.


The athlete must…

  • Be aged 16-20 on the 1st of September 2018.
  • Be currently representing New Zealand at a junior or development level (not having yet achieved senior honours).
  • Benefit from the grant through supporting their opportunity to compete at the next level (through helping to pay for equipment, travel costs etc.).
  • Reside in the North Harbour region, or play for a North Harbour club.
  • Agree to complete a case study (about how the grant has been used) within 12 months of being awarded the grant in order to receive the full amount (80% will be payed up front. The remaining 20% will be payed once the case study has been received).

The RSO or NSO must…

  • Donate an item or prize of some kind (i.e. sports memorabilia, pack of equipment, or a sporting experience) to the Hand Up Fund with a minimum value of $100.
  • Complete the following application form.

More information can be found on the application form below.

Nominations are now closed for 2018

 For more information, please contact Jonny

Donating To The Fund

All money raised for the goes back into developing the fund. Money is used for:

  • Grant for the athlete.
  • Framing of sports memorobilia.
  • Payment of SEA tickets for finalists.

By donating through the link below, you are assisting us in our pursuit of making high level sport available to all. Our vision is to expand the fund to support more and more athletes each year. If you also have any sports memorabilia which you would be willing to donate, please contact us. Through even the smallest of donations, you are helping us reach this goal and support our local young sportspeople.

Make a Difference

 You are helping us reach this goal and support our local young sportspeople!

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