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    Orewa College Cycle Survey

     Harbour Sport just wanted to let you know that we have finished a six month post cycle skills delivery survey of all Year 7’s who completed the Harbour Sport Grade 2 cycle skills training at Orewa College in March 2015. There were 201 students who participated in the two day training. The aim of the survey was to find out what impact the cycle skills training has had on the students after a six month period in regards to their riding frequency. One of the key findings was that 55% of those surveyed say they cycle more since completing the training.

    Harbour Sport thanks Auckland Transport and Cycling New Zealand for partnering with this community delivery.


    Survey Stats for Orewa

    Teen Female Cycle Survey

    Harbour Sport has surveyed 453 female students at Takapuna Grammar School regarding cycling participation, barriers and solutions to increasing cycling in females. These results will assist the project team developing strategies to implement to get girls on the bikes

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