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Harbour Sport was established by sports organisations in the region to foster the North Harbour identity, provide co-ordination across the sports codes, increase participation, improve the quality of sports administration and promote the North Harbour region as a sports destination. To this end, although our work encompasses the entire spectrum of sport and physical activity, our clear intention is to move people from an interest in wellness to engaging in regular sport and physical activity.

As we have become clearer about our purpose and the key challenges we face we have become equally clear about what our core services are. We have, for example, limited the number of events we organise, to two key ones which are aligned with our purpose. We have also moved to outsource some functions when it makes business sense to do so, for example IT, marketing and management of specific projects or work that requires particular expertise or additional short-term capacity.


A community physically active for life


Inspiring, empowering, and strengthening the community through sport and physical activity

Partnerships are central to our way of working. With the development of Auckland Regional Physical Activity & Sport Strategy (ARPASS) and North Harbour Physical Activity Strategy (NHPAS) collaboration is the only way we will be able to deliver on the agreements we have made. We are focused on strengthening our relationships with our existing stakeholders and developing new ones. This requires action at all levels; the board, management and staff.

Feedback across the board from coaches, volunteers and schools students is that engaging in sport and physical activity needs to be enjoyable if people are to continue to participate regularly. Participation in sport and physical activity has the potential to deliver huge personal and social benefits. In our work with our stakeholders we are being more selective and focusing our resources where we believe they will be most cost effective and have the greatest opportunity to effect sustainable change. This means working in more depth over longer period times to ensure our work sticks. We have moved away from hands-on delivery to a facilitating role in order to seed and build initiatives that are sustainable. In line with this and in response to the needs of our increasingly diverse communities we are adopting a community needs approach in line with the work of the health sector to identify and respond to inequalities.

Harbour Sport’s Strategic Plan