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Cycling Skills Training

Harbour Sport’s “Cycle Skills Training’ programme is delivered in line with the New Zealand Transport Agency, BikeReady guidelines and is provided by a team of qualified cycle skills instructors from Harbour Sport.

The programme is delivered in schools and includes practical courses at different levels for years 5 and 6 (Grade 1) and students of year 7 and 8 (Grade 2).

The main goal of Grade 2 is to teach children to ride safely and confidently on the road while adhering to the road rules for cyclists.  


Grade 1

Grade 1: Beginner Cycle Skills Training- Control and Master

This programme has been designed to offer students the opportunity to learn, develop and practise the fundamentals of cycling, providing a solid base of skills, preparing them for on-road riding.

Year 5 and year 6 students develop balance and bike control skills in a non-traffic environment.

A Grade 1 session typically runs for 3 hours on school grounds.

Students are encouraged to ride more often after the course, to further their skills, before joining the Grade 2 course in year 7 & 8.

Grade 2


Grade 2: Intermediate Cycle Skills Training – See, Be seen, Communicate

Grade 2 Training is delivered on local/quiet roads, giving trainees a real cycling experience that help equip them with the skills to deal with traffic on short journeys, such as cycling to school, work or local shops. Introduction to on-road riding.

Year 7 and Year 8 students learn how to ride on the road safely, following road rules, increasing knowledge and understanding of the road and traffic environment.

A Grade 2 session typically runs for 8-9 hours (1.5 days).

The aim of the programme is to increase the level of confidence in cycling on local roads.

Cycling Case Studies

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