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A Physically Active and Healthy Community



Inspiring, empowering, and strengthening our community through physical activity, health and wellbeing



We grow our community by raising the awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by

leading, promoting and coordinating physically active and healthy lifestyle programmes and activities in North Harbour,

with particular focus on least active community members and targeted groups.​



the practice of treating or thinking about something or someone

“How can I help?”

“What can I do?”

Listen to understand.


the practice of being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles

Communicate clearly and consistently

Be accountable for your words and actions


the practice of establishing links, making connections, and relating to the people one meets by identifying in culturally appropriate ways

Be authentic

Value our people

He Tangata


the practice of allowing all kinds of people to belong

Involve everyone (where applicable)

Include yourself. If it involves me, talk to me about it.


the practice of acting in a way that shows others how to act

Come prepared

Lead with passion


Our Active Community

Growing and supporting systems that improve existing and new opportunities and accessibility for our community to be active.​


Our People

Putting our people as the focus, supporting their needs and expectations around physical activity, health and wellbeing​.

Our Business Growth

Developing the business to allow innovation, design and support of an increasing population with greater need.

Our Health and Wellbeing

Providing Hauora/ Health and Wellbeing opportunities for our community.

Our Priority Focus
  • Increased activity of our inactive adults​
  • Increased activity through creating better opportunities to meet the needs of targeted population groups in our community​
  • Ensuring that our existing contracts are renewed.
Our Priority Focus
  • To develop an environment that will enable our people to grow confidence in supporting targeted population groups in our community​
  • Our people building capability and empowerment in our community​
  • Understanding and applying the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.​
Our Priority Focus
  • Growing Partnerships and Collaborations across the sector to increase and extend our funding from a boarder range of sources​
  • Continue to identify opportunities to grow the business through innovative product and services for our community​
  • Maintain our commercial viability through good business planning and governance​
  • Work in partnership with key strategic organisations to enhance our community offering.
Our Priority Focus
  • Health & Wellbeing of our inactive adults​
  • Health & Wellbeing of Maori and diverse population groups in our community​
  • Health & Wellbeing of the community looking after our tamariki and rangatahi​
  • Health & Wellbeing for workplaces in our community​.

BY 2024

Our Active Community

  • Implementation of projects that create quality experiences in our schools, clubs, and RSOs and recreation providers E.g. Balance is Better, Diversity Initiatives​
  • Development of Harbour Sport project groups which guide future practice internally and externally​
  • Engage Partnerships that support the activity in our community E.g. North Harbour Sports Council, Auckland Council, Iwi​

Our People

  • Locally led co-designed strategies developed to meet the needs in our diverse environment.​
  • Developing our people’s knowledge in Te Reo Māori and their understanding of the principles of te Tiriti o Waitangi ​
  • Maintain and grow strong links with our people and organisations​
  • Te Oranga Kaiora, Healthy Active Learning, ActivAsian, SportSpasifik, Sector Development, Schools​

Our Business Growth

  • Sustainable initiatives in the Aged Care space​
  • Engaging with international organisations for NZ experience programmes​
  • Utilising technology to increase the activity of our community​
  • Utilising the HS commercial platform to provide products to our community​

Our Health and Wellbeing

  • Te Oranga Kaiora
  • Wellnessworks​
  • Aged Care​
  • ActivAsian Health and Wellbeing Hub​
  • Development of Harbour Sport project groups which guide future practise internally and extenally​
  • Engage Partnerships that support the Health and Wellbeing of our community. ​