A community physically active for life



Inspiring, empowering, and strengthening the community through sport and physical activity



Harbour Sport supports community development for sport and healthy lifestyles and strives to influence more people to participate in sport and physical activity.

Our strategic focus is young people, and targeted populations including Maori, Pasifika and East Asian. Providing advocacy, expertise, investment and support Harbour Sport are change agents modelling and sharing best practice in governance, management, leadership and community development.

Financial sustainability and diversity will be at the forefront of Harbour Sport’s potential to achieve and deliver quality outcomes to our stakeholders.



  • Be professional
  • Be authentic and keep ourselves accountable
  • Walk the talk

He Tangata

  • Value diversity and the community voice
  • Have respect for and be respected by the community
  • Take time to understand others


  • Lead with excellence
  • Be innovative, receptive and adaptive to the changing environment
  • Continuous improvement


  • Be enthusiastic, energetic and positive in everything we do
  • Inspire others
  • Go above and beyond


Increase Participation

Leadership, facilitation, delivery, support for participant focused sport and physical activity for an active and healthy community.

Quality Experiences

Building an integrated sport system to ensure people in the community are enriched by quality experiences and engage in a variety of roles.

Be Connected

Connection with and enhancement of links between partners and providers to network, share best practice, develop and collaborate.

Insights to Influence Action

Well informed advocacy for and promotion of participant focused opportunities with benefits for all.

Increase participation by
  • Supporting a system providing relevant opportunities and integrated experiences to participants that encourage ongoing engagement
  • Developing initiatives that focus on growing participation in our targeted communities
  • Facilitating more enjoyable quality experiences
  • Understanding the environment.
Quality experiences by
  • Providing pathways with opportunities and experiences to encourage engagement
  • Educating, training and upskilling to build a network of skilled people
  • Working with partner organisations to help them understand the needs of their participants
  • Supporting our stakeholders to optimise the use and future development of spaces and places.
Be connected by
  • Supporting a network of capable partners and stakeholders in sport, recreation and physical activity
  • Providing an information hub and communications that appeal to our audience
  • Creating new relationships and enhance existing ones in our region
  • Providing opportunities to connect and share
  • Seeking out innovative partnerships to widen our impact in the community.
Insights to influence action by
  • Sharing research and best practice and promting the benefits of sport and physical activity
  • Listening to and advocating for the community
  • Providing, aligning and promoting key messages around the benefit and impact of sport, health and physical activity
  • Supporting our stakeholders to understand and engage our diverse communities.

BY 2020

  • The community will have a shared vision for coaching and talent development with high quality coaches
  • Harbour Sport will be utilised as the information hub for the community relating to sport and physical activity
  • Our ethnic communities will be well supported through culturally specific and diverse sport and health programmes and be actively involved in all roles at all levels
  • Young people will be actively involved in the decision making process relating to sport and recreation
  • School aged children have quality experiences and the skills and opportunity to participate in a diverse range of regular sport and physical activity regularly in and out of school
  • Volunteers in the community will have opportunities to upskill and increase their knowledge and skills
  • Harbour Sport will support children to be active from an early age and their first experiences will be fun, playful and engaging.
  • Sport organisations and clubs will be well equipped and capable to meet the changing needs of the community and collaboration will make multi-sport opportunities available in the community
  • Key agencies in the region will be working in alignment to maximise the use of each other’s expertise and resources providing inclusive quality opportunities
  • Maori whānau, hapū and iwi will be supported by a holistic approach to sport.
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