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A Physically Active and Healthy Community



Inspiring, empowering, and strengthening our community through physical activity, health and wellbeing



We grow our community by raising the awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by

leading, promoting and coordinating physically active and healthy lifestyle programmes and activities in North Harbour,

with particular focus on least active community members and targeted groups.​



  • Lead with excellence
  • Be innovative, receptive and adaptive to the changing environment
  • Continuous improvement

He Tangata

  • Take time to understand others
  • Have respect for and be respected by the community
  • Value diversity and the community voice


  • Be enthusiastic, energetic and positive in everything we do
  • Inspire others
  • Go above and beyond


  • Be professional
  • Be authentic and keep ourselves accountable
  • Walk the talk


Our Active Community

Growing and supporting systems that improve existing and new opportunities and accessibility for our community to be active.​


Our People

Putting our people as the focus, supporting their needs and expectations around physical activity, health and wellbeing​.

Our Business Growth

Developing the business to allow innovation, design and support of an increasing population with greater need.

Our Health and Wellbeing

Providing Hauora/ Health and Wellbeing opportunities for our community.

Our Priority Focus
  • Increased activity of our inactive adults​
  • Increased activity through creating better opportunities to meet the needs of targeted population groups in our community​
  • Ensuring that our existing contracts are renewed.
Our Priority Focus
  • To develop an environment that will enable our people to grow confidence in supporting targeted population groups in our community​
  • Our people building capability and empowerment in our community​
  • Understanding and applying the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.​
Our Priority Focus
  • Growing Partnerships and Collaborations across the sector to increase and extend our funding from a boarder range of sources​
  • Continue to identify opportunities to grow the business through innovative product and services for our community​
  • Maintain our commercial viability through good business planning and governance​
  • Work in partnership with key strategic organisations to enhance our community offering.
Our Priority Focus
  • Health & Wellbeing of our inactive adults​
  • Health & Wellbeing of Maori and diverse population groups in our community​
  • Health & Wellbeing of the community looking after our tamariki and rangatahi​
  • Health & Wellbeing for workplaces in our community​.

BY 2024

Our Active Community

  • Implementation of projects that create quality experiences in our schools, clubs, and RSOs and recreation providers E.g. Balance is Better, Diversity Initiatives​
  • Development of Harbour Sport project groups which guide future practice internally and externally​
  • Engage Partnerships that support the activity in our community E.g. North Harbour Sports Council, Auckland Council, Iwi​

Our People

  • Locally led co-designed strategies developed to meet the needs in our diverse environment.​
  • Developing our people’s knowledge in Te Reo Māori and their understanding of the principles of te Tiriti o Waitangi ​
  • Maintain and grow strong links with our people and organisations​
  • Te Oranga Kaiora, Healthy Active Learning, ActivAsian, SportSpasifik, Sector Development, Schools​

Our Business Growth

  • Sustainable initiatives in the Aged Care space​
  • Engaging with international organisations for NZ experience programmes​
  • Utilising technology to increase the activity of our community​
  • Utilising the HS commercial platform to provide products to our community​

Our Health and Wellbeing

  • Te Oranga Kaiora
  • Wellnessworks​
  • Aged Care​
  • ActivAsian Health and Wellbeing Hub​
  • Development of Harbour Sport project groups which guide future practise internally and extenally​
  • Engage Partnerships that support the Health and Wellbeing of our community. ​
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