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Tayla Flatt

Tayla Flatt

Bike Administrator and Rangitahi Project Coordinator

More People on Bikes More Often

As cycling is of the more popular recreational activities in the country, increasing this in the Harbour region is an important goal for Harbour Sport.

Harbour Sport supports a range of activities in the community, from the ‘Cycle Skills Training’ programme for young people in schools to Bikes in School Teachers training, along with advocating for cycling infrastructure, Harbour Sport is leading the charge.  We work closely with Auckland Transport offering local activities to educate our community in how cycling for fun is great exercise.

Cycle Skills Training

Harbour Sport’s “Cycle Skills Training’ programme is delivered in line with the New Zealand Transport Agency, BikeReady guidelines and is provided by a team of qualified cycle skills instructors from Harbour Sport.

The programme is delivered in schools and includes practical courses at different levels for years 5 and 6 (Grade 1) and students of year 7 and 8 (Grade 2).

Boy on Bike

Bikes in Schools

This project aims to provide all children with the opportunity to learn how to cycle confidently and competently and have regular access to bikes at school, providing the means by which children may become healthier individuals.

How is this achieved?

Cycling Instructor Workshops

Harbour Sport is proud to be able to count on highly qualified Instructors who are:

  • BikeReady trained
  • Nationally Qualified Assessors for new instructors
  • Skills Active Qualified Grade 1
  • Skills Active qualified Grade 2

We provide quality training, following the National BikeReady Programme with our staff upskilled in BikeReady Delivery and holding Skills Active Qualifications for Cycle Instructing and Training and Assessing cycle instructors.

If you want to be part of our cycling team and become a Cycle skill Instructor, please contact Tayla.

Recreational Cycling

Information for people wanting to get on their bike and explore.

Route maps, Cycle Safety, Countrywide Cycling and more.

Cycling Case Studies

Latest Resources and News

The Latest News

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 For further information about Harbour Sports’ cycle project – Please contact:

Miguel Gallardo
Primary School and Cycle Lead

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