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Active for Life – Green Prescription – March 2021

What led you to enrol in Green Prescription?

“I was a full-time working mum and wife and going into Covid lockdown in 2020 was a real slap in the face as to how I was looking after myself and spending time with my kids; honestly, I was in a big dark hole of autopilot. I wasn’t spending any time actively being with my kids outside or at meal times or being physically active; as there was just no time. I had always used the excuse that I’m too busy with work and have kids and don’t have time to exercise. I saw Green Prescription online and saw that with Active Families, kids are involved too! I asked my GP about it and signed up.”

What did you find helpful from the nutrition support offered?

“I had a few conversations with the nutritionist about managing my IBS condition as well starting to make food from scratch and involve the kids more.”

What is a tip or lifestyle change you have put in place since having nutrition support?

“I joined a bootcamp and my kids came too and we all love it! I have learned about meal prep and involving the kids so much more. We are making our food from scratch (something I didn’t do before) and the kids are loving it. We are eating really clean, a lot of plant-based meals which has really helped my symptoms as well. I am being more proactive about what me and the kids are eating- it’s awesome.”

What do you see next in your health and wellbeing journey?

“The information I got from the nutritionist about my IBS and other conditions was mind-blowing. I had never been given information from my specialist like what I got when I was in Green Prescription. I had not made the connection between so many of my issues and my food before and when I realised how it all related, it changed everything! I’m going to subscribe to the Healthy Food Guide through Green Prescription so I get so many more ideas and resources to continue to improve our health”

What is different about your future as a result of Green Prescription?

“I am so looking forward to being out with my kids at the beach, spending time with them; always outside doing physical activity with them. I always used to pay for activities and I’ve realised I can be with them experiencing nature for free; there’s so much available. I’m no longer experiencing the type of stress I once did as my health has improved. I’m no longer in pain; I can join in with my kids to do different things and enjoy it because I feel so much better.

“ I’m a better mum because of it. This has been an incredible, eye-opening journey for all of us.


Nutritionist: Cherise Pendergrast
Phone: 022 658 3305