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Kerri Moran

Kerri Moran

Community Strength & Balance Manager

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Community Group Strength and Balance Programme


Current data tells us that each year one in three people aged 65 and over will fall and injure themselves. For those aged 80 and over, the risk increases to one in two.  Research has shown that when people exercise to strengthen their legs and core, their balance improves and the risk of falling decreases by almost a third. 
ACC, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, Health Quality and Safety Commission and local health partners, have committed to work to reduce injuries from falls for older people.  A key part of this work is the provision of Community Group Strength and Balance programmes for those older adults who are at risk of falling. These classes will support participants to build their core muscles and leg strength and improve their balance.
Harbour Sport has been contracted by ACC as the Lead Agency of the Community Group Strength and Balance initiative in the Auckland District Health Board area (Auckland Central) and Waitemata District Health Board area (North Shore and West Auckland).  We have partnered with Sport Waitakere to deliver the programme in West Auckland.  Our role is to ensure more people over the age of 65 years have access to a network of classes that meet an evidence-based criteria developed by a technical advisory group.  
Many falls are preventable, and we want to help people 65 years and over stay on their feet and living the life they want to live. 

Older Adults

Gentle group exercise sessions to suit all fitness levels, with an aim to strengthen core muscles and leg strength to improve balance and help prevent the risk of falling.

Exercise Providers

A series of training sessions designed to educate your team on the key aspect of falls prevention and helping the older members in your community stay as healthy and mobile as possible.

Health Professionals

Community Group Strength and Balance classes will support participants to build their core muscles and leg strength and improve their balance.
Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen

Community Strength & Balance Trainer - 027 700 4021

Elin Noyer

Elin Noyer

Community Strength & Balance Trainer

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