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Cycle skills training in schools achieves far more than students increasing in confidence and developing bike skills, awareness and knowledge for riding on road. It provides an avenue to reduce congestion, support school sustainability goals and according to Fleur Knight, teacher, “Lots of teachers across all year groups cycle to work.” The long-term partnership between Harbour Sport, Orewa College and Auckland Transport is worthwhile for all parties. 

Karl Buckley, Lead Teacher for Cycle Skills Training at Orewa College, states that there has been a big increase in Year 7 and 8 students cycling to school since 2014. Over 10% of year 7 & 8 students now ride and at least a couple of dozen students also scooter. The number of bike racks has been doubled and they are still full. Finding space with good surveillance is challenging. 

Cycling provides parents with an alternative to driving for their kids to get to school encouraging independence. It is also positive for student’s personal lives as they can access community facilities like the Orewa Estuary Cycleway. This feeds into a culture of cycling within the Orewa community and normalises it as a viable way to get around.

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