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Getting our Community Active and into Sport and Recreation
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Addressing the Needs of Targeted Groups

Our many programmes and initiatives address the needs of targeted groups.

Maori, Pacific and Asian communities | Older adults | People with medical conditions and disabilities | Obese and overweight children and their families | Rural community groups

Programmes and Initiatives

We work in partnership with many National, Regional and Local organisations in the Sport, Health and Community Sector. Our programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those who need it most in our region.


For Families

Active Families is a support service for overweight and obese children and their families. Each family will receive support to become more physically active, education on nutrition and encouragement to make healthy lifestyle changes that will last.

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For 12 to 18yr olds

Active Teens is a 12-week boot camp-style programme to assist teens to make healthier lifestyle changes in the areas of physical activity and nutrition.

We’re here to help you lose weight, enhance fitness and improve your nutrition.

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For Adults

Green Prescription is a FREE support programme designed to assist adults to get more active and to improve their health and wellbeing.  Being physically active has many benefits.

  • feel more confident, happy and relaxed
  • have more energy
  • improve cholesterol levels
  • improve blood sugar levels among other benefits

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As cycling is one of the more popular recreational activities in the country, increasing this activity in the Harbour region is an important goal for Harbour Sport. We want to see more people active on bikes more often!

Recreational Cycling | Bikes in Schools | Cycling Skills Training | Cycling Instructor Workshops

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SportSPasifik is a project targeting the North Shore Pacific Island community aimed at increasing participation in sport and recreation.

As a priority, the project continues to support and address specific barriers this community faces in effectively engaging in sport and recreation and living physically active lives.

Equip’d | Polysports | Niumovement | Pacific Exercise Classes

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We offer great events in the area to promote walking outdoors as well as indoors.  Walking is good for you and keeps you healthy and fit.

Walking Routes | Organised Walking Groups | Walk with Us

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Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights

The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights (the Code) establishes the rights of consumers, and the obligations and duties of providers to comply with the Code.

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