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Tyrone Elkington- MacDonald

Tyrone Elkington- MacDonald

Sport Development Manager / Spaces and Places Lead

Sector Support/Sport Development

Our Sport Development team supports sporting clubs and organisations in the North Harbour Region, to effectively manage the different aspects of their business.

Our sport development team provides support in the following areas; advocacy, community engagement, finance, facilities, governance, management, leadership, insights, marketing and communication, planning, policies and procedures, risk and compliance, volunteer management, women and girls, diversity and inclusion, human resources and health and safety.

This support is delivered through 3 levels:

The clubs and organisations we work with build their capability, operational effectiveness and sustainability. 

Build Capability Increase Awareness
Increase Participation Inclusion in Sport

Sport Capability Resources Hub

Access useful information, toolkits, resources and research related to club and RSO development.

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Be sure to visit our Harbour Sport – Sport Development facebook page to keep up with relevant club/RSO information.

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