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2021 Harbour Sport Community & Sporting Excellence Awards

The annual  Harbour Sport  Community & Sporting Excellence Awards celebrates the achievements of North Harbour’s top athletes, coaches, referees/umpire, volunteers and Community groups

The Community & Sporting Excellence Awards are comprised of three award categories

Sport Acknowledgment Awards

The Sport Acknowledgement Awards give each sporting code in the North Harbour region the opportunity to acknowledge an individual who has excelled in their commitment to their sport.

Community & Sports Excellence Awards

    The  Community & Sport Excellences Award categories highlight the outstanding performances by individual athletes, teams, coaches, referees/umpires, volunteers and events in the North Harbour region. This category recognises the achievements from one sporting year. This year we have introduced two new awards – Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion, and Community Impact Award.

    Legends of Harbour Sports Hall of Fame

    The Legends of Harbour honours athletes who have achieved excellence at the highest level and have also given back to sport in the Harbour Region. These nominations were put before an independent judging panel and selected based on a setlist of criteria.

     Congratulations to all 2021 Finalists

    Sportswoman of the Year

    Lydia Ko (Golf)

    Tyla Nathan-Wong (Rugby 7’s)

    Lisa Carrington (Kayaking)

    Lauren Down (Cricket)

    Erica Dawson (Sailing)

    Junior Sportsman of the Year

    Lewis Bower (Road Cycling)

    Seb Menzies & Brayden Hamilton (Sailing)

    Caleb Armit (Sailing)

    Zach Riley (Basketball)

    Volunteer of the Year

    Garry Trewin (Football)

    Feng Goldthorpe (Artistic Swimming)

    Kirsti Brown (Rugby League/Tag)

    Judith Quinlan (Hockey)

    Olivia Schiltknecht (Artistic Swimming)

    Andy Liu (Touch Rugby)

    Susanne Martin (Cricket)

    Referee/Umpire of the Year

    Cory Nicholls (Netball)

    Mark Porteous (Softball)

    Lisa Wright (Springboard & Platform Diving)

    Simon Taylor (Hockey)

    Danielle Kooge (Basketball)

    Māori Sportsperson of the Year

    Ripeka Pirie (Netball)

    Braxton Te Riini (Netball)

    Reihana Maxwell-Topia (Basketball)

    Tyla Nathan-Wong (Rugby 7’s)

    Sportsman of the Year

    Michael Brake – Rowing

    Michael Venus – Tennis

    Andy Maloney – Yachting

    Regional Sportsman

    Sion Wiggin (Racketlon)

    Will O’Donnell (Cricket)

    Zach Riley (Basketball)

    Junior Team of the Year

    Rangitoto College Swim Team (Swimming)

    Cello North Harbour U18 Premier Girls (Hockey)

    Cello North Harbour U18 Premier Boys (Hockey)

    Harcourts Cooper & Co North Harbour U17 (Badminton)

    Rangitoto College Senior Boys Volleyball Team (Volleyball)

    Lucy Leith & Lizzie Shapland (Sailing)

    Brayden Hamilton & Seb Menzies (Sailing)

    Sporting Event of the Year

    North Shore Swimming Invitational (200 spectators)

    Fastball45 (1,000 spectators)

    International Team Performance

    Legacy Legendz (Cheerleading)

    Lisa Carrington & Caitlin Regal (NZ Womens’ K2)

    Lisa Carrington, Caitlin Regal, Alicia Hoskins & Teneale Hatton (NZ Womens’ K4)

    Paul Snow-Hansen & Dan Willcox (Sailing)

    Junior Sportswoman of the Year

    Shaunna Li (Badminton)

    Greer Morely (Canoe Sprint)

    Orla Cuffee (Rowing)

    Melissa Cowen (Swimming)

    Emily Shearer (Basketball)

    Regional Sportswoman

    Faamu Ioane (Netball)

    Shaunna Li (Badminton)

    Braxton Te Riini (Netball)

    Club of the Year

    Takapuna Bowling Club (Bowls)

    North Harbour Synchro (Artistic Swimming)

    North Shore Amateur Swimming Club (Swimming)

    Ngātaringa Tennis Club (Tennis)

    North Shore Rowing Club (Rowing)

    Takapuna District Cricket Club (Cricket)

    Coach of the Year

    Helene Wilson (Netball)

    Fanny Megahwati (Badminton)

    Ripeka Pirie (Netball)

    Gordon Walker (Kayaking)

    Hamish Wilcox (Sailing)

    Regional Team of the Year

    Harcourts Cooper & Co North Harbour Wisden Cup Team (Badminton)

    Takapuna District Cricket Club – Pirates. New Zealand National Premier Club Champions 2021 (Cricket)

    2019 Winners

    O’Neills Sportsman of the Year

    Dan Slater (Yachting)

    Physio Connect Sportswoman of the Year

    Lisa Carrington (Canoe Racing)

    Cube Junior Sportsman of the Year

    Seb Menzies & Blake McGlashan (Yachting)

    Harbour Sport Junior Sportswoman of the Year

    Anna Leat (Football)

    Harbour Sport Junior Team of the Year

    420 Yachting Team- Seb Menzies & Blake McGlashan

    Masey University International Team Performance

    Paul Snow-Hansen & Dan Wilcox (Sailing)

    Deep Creek Brewing Co Regional Sportsman

    Scott Leith (Yachting)

    Deep Creek Brewing Co Regional Sportswoman

    Chelsea Herbert (Motorsport)

    Honda North Shore Regional Team of the Year

    Tiger Turn North Harbour Men Hockey


    Tiger Turn North Harbour Women Hockey

    Harbour Sport Referee/Umpire of the Year

    Simon Taylor (Hockey)

    Zeffer Cider & Co Coach of the Year

    Gordon Walker (Canoe Racing)

    Tass Print Sporting Event of the Year

    Upper North Island Secondary Schools Netball Tournament

    The Spencer on Byron Hotel Maori Sportsperson of the Year

    Tyla Nathan- Wong (Rugby Sevens)

    Harcourts Cooper & Co Club of the Year

    North Harbour Gymnastics (Gymnastics)

     Giesen Wine Volunteer of the Year

    Sharon Williamson (Hockey)

    Massey University Innovation in sport

    Northern Football Federation (Football)

    Legends of Harbour Sports Inductees 2018

    Hannah Porter (Rugby)

    Frank Bunce (Rugby)

    Sir Russell Coutts (Yachting)


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