ActivAsian COVID-19 Lockdown Home Training Programme with the Korean Walking Group

Throughout the duration of the Covid – 19 lockdown period, ActivAsian has been successfully running a “Home Training” programme with the Korean walking group.

This programme was designed to encourage members of the Korean walking group to increase physical activity and wellbeing while staying at home. The programme ran for 8 weeks, members were divided into 7 groups of 6, including a team leader. The 6 groups were each named after New Zealand native birds such as the Kiwi team, Fantail team, and the Kea team.

Throughout the programme, members regularly participated in activities such as walking, biking, stretching and other aerobic activities. Group members updated the group leader every Sunday on what kind of exercise they have completed that week, and for how long. All records of their activities were then gathered and able to be viewed by the following Monday by all group members. This created healthy competition, and enthusiasm amongst the groups.

The biggest benefit of the programme was that it inspired and motivated members to partake in daily exercise. Subsequently, exercise became a part of their daily routine, building self-confidence, and encouraging vital socialisation and connection within the group. All members greatly increased their physical activity from the start to the end of the programme. Many also became interested in trying new activities and sports which they had never experienced before.

Feedback received found that the programme has become a great segue for an increased active and healthy lifestyle for many participants. Gained experiences empowered individuals to maintain this active lifestyle beyond the lockdown period.

Bonghee Lee (early 60’s) says: “Thank you very much for organising this programme, it has encouraged me massively to exercise every day, even on the rainy days. I can now walk up steep hills that I previously could not thanks to the daily exercise of participating in the programme. Also, I have met new members and made a good friendship through this programme. I hope they look to continue this programme. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement for us which really helps!”  

Hyunjoo Kim (mid 50’s) says: “The Home Training Program is really great! I have gained lots of confidence to exercise from participating in the program. I’ve lost lots of weight and am keen to start jogging now. Thank you so much for organizing this program and I appreciate the support from Harbour Sport”. 

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