Participation And Membership Toolkit

Ensuring your members are happy should be a key goal for any club.
This often comes down to building a community of people who love
participating in an activity – which provides many social, cultural
and economic benefits. We know that people start participating in
sport and recreation for a range of reasons and have their own goals
to achieve – whether this is getting fit, having fun, making friends or
competing at a higher level. We know the key to any successful
business is giving people what they most want. So how can we
go about giving people what they really want when it comes to sport
and recreation? Asking them gives us an insight into people’s motivation.
This means getting and keeping people physically active is all about
understanding their motivation, so they can achieve their goals. But
how can we tell if we are giving people what they really want? It’s
simple – people participate in our facilities and programmes
more often. So, the big question is… how do we increase participation?

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