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Water Exercise

Water exercise is a form of exercise your back will thank you for!

It is great for your back as it strengthens muscles and increases joint range of motion.

Below is a short, simple water exercise routine to get you going.

Warm Up: Water Walking

· Put on a flotation belt, this will keep you from sinking in the deep end

· Walk around the pool to warm up your hips and legs, this will give you an aerobic workout too

· Warm-up should take 5-10 minutes

Exercise 1: The Bicycle

· This exercise will begin to intensify the work out

· Pedal your legs in the water, as if you were riding a bike

· The bicycle works more leg and hip muscles than walking

· Bicycle both forward and back, for 5 minutes each


Exercise 2: Kicks

·       Time for leg power!

·       Keeping one leg straight kick the other one up

·       Aim for horizontal leg, perpendicular to trunk

·       Kicks will build muscles in the legs and hips which will in turn benefit your back

·       Do 15-20 kicks

Exercise 3: Knee to Chest

· Bring both knees up to your chest and down again

· This will work your abdominal muscles

· A more advanced version is to straighten your legs and extend your body out into one long line

· Perform exercise 10-15 times

Exercise 4: Legs Out and In

·       Bring legs to a perpendicular angle to your trunk

·       Spread legs to form a “V”

·       Now bring your legs back together

·       Repeat 15 times

·       This exercise strengthens your hips and abdominal muscles

·       By being in a “sitting” position you will be using your abs to support your trunk

Cool Down: Water Walking

·       Use the Water Walking from Warm-Up

·       Cool down should last 5-10 minutes

·       Take a few minutes to stretch your legs and hips

·       This can be in the pool or back on land

Congratulations – you have completed your water exercise workout!

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