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Role: Competition Instigator

Reports to: Club President, final presentation to the club committee.

Timeframe: Aug/Sept (approx. 40 hours)

 The Club: Shepherds Park Squash club is located in the Beach Haven Sports Centre and has about 100 members together with a number of casual users. The centre offers 4 squash courts together with an outdoor astroturf area configured for both tennis and futsal. The club shares the council-owned centre with the Beach Haven tennis club who are situated at the other end of the complex. There is the prospect of better collaboration with both the tennis club and the Birkenhead Football club who are situated on the other side of Shepherds Park which could help drive up membership.

Current status: A number of initiatives were hatched during the recent lock down including a re-branding of the club identity and the introduction of some further sports activities based on feedback from a club survey.

Key Responsibilities: We would now like to launch these initiatives. These will need to be designed, participants recruited and then managed with on-line reporting of results. They are likely to receive backing from sponsors and it is vital that they get completed to maintain player commitment to further iterations. There is also scope to re-invigorate the club squash ladders and introduce them for other sports.

Core competencies required: This is a people-business focused role, so good relationship and communication skills are paramount. Identifying the appropriate league format, committing personal energy to making the leagues successful, possessing sufficient systems skills to arrange hosting on the web & social media promotion will be core competencies. The appointee would need to be sufficiently assertive to gain buy-in from other local sports clubs (notably soccer & tennis).

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