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Gain a tertiary qualification in Pacific nutrition

Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition course delivered by Pacific Heartbeat endorsed by AUT

This course is designed for those already working in the health sector who want to learn more about Pacific nutrition. It is delivered in a fun and interactive style.  The course will help you understand the relationship between food and body and how good food choices can help you stay healthy.  It also offers an opportunity to extend your qualifications and gain a recognised certificate as awarded by the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

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Registration closes on 5th June 2018.  (Late registrations accepted if places are available)


Thanks to the Ministry of Health, students that meet the selection criteria pay a reduced fee of $100 instead of the normal course fee of $600.

This course is designed with a Pacific perspective on nutrition and health in mind.  The course also covers lifestyle diseases as well as every life stage from birth to older adults.

Start Date: 31st July 6pm 2018

End date: 9th October 9pm 2018

Location: Auckland ( 9 Kalmia Street, Ellerslie. Heart Foundation building)

Contact email: