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Role: Social Media Framer

Reports to: Club President, final presentation to the club committee.

Timeframe: Aug/Sept 2020 (40 hours)

 The Club: Shepherds Park Squash club is located in the Beach Haven Sports Centre and has about 100 members together with a number of casual users. The centre offers 4 squash courts and there is also an outdoor astroturf area configured for both tennis and futsal. The club shares the council-owned centre with the Beach Haven tennis club who are situated at the other end of the complex. There is the prospect of better collaboration with both the tennis club and the Birkenhead Football club who are situated on the other side of Shepherds Park which could help drive up membership.

Current status: A number of initiatives were hatched during lock down including a re-branding of the club identity which has now been undertaken including the launch of a new web site. We now seek to optimise our social media framework.

The role: The club already has its own website and a social media presence through a Facebook group and regular posts made to community group FB pages. We now seek to establish a clearer identity for the club and create a social media strategy which would be the responsibility of the individual in this project role.

Core competencies required: A keen awareness of social media, good conceptual skills, well organised, good communicator, familiar with FB and Instagram platforms.

Outcomes: Social media framework, selecting media platforms, integration with website and establishing a timeframe for media posts. Trial the first week of content so that designated club members are aware of their responsibilities.

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