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Reporting to the Chairperson and Board, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for developing and implementing the Netball Northern Zone strategic plan and for providing an environment that encourages participation, creates meaningful competition and champions improvement at all levels and in all areas of Netball in New Zealand. The CEO is also responsible for the Northern Mystics franchise team delivery.

Netball Northern Zone has a comprehensive website which includes information and news items on all facets of its activities, services and programs.
The website address is:
The Northern Mystics website address is:

Timelines – Important Information for Candidates
Final interviews and appointment of the CEO Netball Northern Zone are scheduled for June 2017. The successful candidate would be expected to commence duties as soon as possible following appointment, mindful of notice periods and general availability.

Applications should be forwarded to Sportspeople’s International Recruitment Centre by Close of Business, Friday 16 June, 2017. If you are intending to apply, please do so at the earliest possible date rather than leaving it to the close date.

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