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Harbour Sport’s corporate health programme, ‘Wellness Works’ invites you to their fun, informative and lively networking event “How well is your Workplace?” on Thursday 22nd August at Harbour Sport. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn about what wellness in your workplace should look like.

Wellness Works believe that everyone deserves to lead a happy, healthy life, with a real sense of belonging, connection and fulfilment within their workspace. We see the importance of making wellness a priority and want to help your people and business thrive.

Founded in 1991, Harbour Sport was originally established as a regional sporting trust to service the wider Waitemata region. Here at Harbour Sport, we appreciate that physical activity, health and wellness are interlinked and it is our intention to influence and support as many people as possible, in creating healthy, sustainable, lifestyle changes.

Join us for a fun, interactive evening where we will provide useful strategies around how to energize, inspire and invigorate your workplace decreasing absenteeism, increasing staff morale and benefitting your business output. Healthier workers means a wealthier business!


Time: 5-6pm
Location: Harbour Sport
Join Wellness Works to gain top tips for engaging and inspiring your staff