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Sport or Recreation Governance Experience

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Need to fill a board or committee member roll, plan for member succession or want to offer 1-2 year apprenticeships for newcomers to learn about board/committee governance? Complete the form below.

Your advertisement will be posted on the ‘Sport or Recreation Governance Experience’ listing page once authenticated by a member of the Harbour Sport team.


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Required Listing Information

  • Title of the Role…  E.g. Committee Intern
  • Commitments for the role… E.g. Monthly committee meetings (2 hours)
  • Responsibilities related to the role
  • Duration of the role
  • Preferred Start Date
  • Description of the team the individual will be working with…  E.g. the board currently consists of 3 females and 4 males within an age range of 35-60 years. There is a range in skill sets with a Lawyer, HR consultant, schoolteacher, accountant, and long-time servants of ‘football’.
  • Description of how the individual will be mentored and supported…  E.g. The student will be mentored by the vice-chair who sits on the game development and risk sub-committees. Fortnightly meetings will be scheduled initially to support the introduction, upskilling of the committee’s operations, and ensuring the student feels empowered to contribute during committee meetings.

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