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Join our network for exclusive benefits

Become a nationally recognised Community Strength and Balance approved provider to:

  • Show your professionalism with the use of the approval logo and Live Stronger for Longer branding,
  • Receive direct referrals to your classes from public and community health, via our established Fall Referral service,
  • Benefit from Harbour Sport and ACC programme promotion activity, which is across a variety of channels and markets,
  • Get listed on the ACC’s Live Stronger for Longer website,
  • Receive free printed resources from ACC so you can promote your classes in your community,
  • Get access to provider training, events and workshops, some activities are subsidised or free,
  • Get personalised feedback and development from our trainers, plus we establish the level of your class, so you can best serve differing levels of mobility,
  • Join the wide network of professionals engaged in falls prevention.

Let’s work together to reduce falls in over 65’s