Mud Monster Mud Rush

The Craziest Muddy Family Event on the Shore!
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‎John Dalauidao‎

Thanks for an awesome day folks but no one told me there was gona be mud at the event! Heheh :p

re was gona be mud at the event! Heheh :p

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Camila Dixon

Great event for the whole family! I would just suggest that clean water bottles and plasters/similar are held by the various people posted along the way, to clean up any bumps or accidents. Otherwise, this was a great event that our entire family enjoyed! Well done.

Harbour Sport’s Mud Monster Mud Rush…

8th & 9th

September 2018

Muddy Experience at Massey University

A record number of 1881 participants crawled, climbed and clambered through mud at Harbour Sport’s annual Mud Monster Mud Rush on the weekend. Under spring like skies families and friends alike gathered at Massey University for the first event at this new site.
“A significant change from last year were the huge number of friends and families participating” said Harbour Sport Event Manager Jess Raymond, “although previously there were some groups, everyone seems to have decided that doing it with your mates is so much more fun”.
Mud Rush Slide
Mud Rush Girls
The course had 17 obstacles including the expected tunnels, swings, climbing wall, tyres, hay stack, creek run, climbing frame, bush run and slides. There were 3 different mud and water slides including the 20 metre finale mud slide which ended with a huge pool and great splash at the end.
“One of the most amusing obstacles for the spectators was the first one which became renamed shoe graveyard” said Harbour Sport Chief Executive Toni-Maree Carnie. “We did warn people to attach their shoes with tape, the mud was deep and gluggy and sucked shoes off.
Even in the run up to the event, staff lost shoes in that mud. At one stage we had to rescue an official and a fireman who both got stuck in there helping a participant. But it kept the large crowd of onlookers amused”.
Harbour Sport had prepared viewing areas so parents and friends could walk along the side of much of the course and enjoy the spectacle. This enabled them to encourage and support those participating. A number of spectators vowed to return next year as participants as it looked just so much fun. “Often parents think that getting muddy and participating in these events is a kids thing, but clearly from the smiles on the faces of the teenagers and adults, this was something for them to also be actively involved in” said Raymond.
No doubt for parents the washing off thanks to the local fire brigade while not always being desirable thanks to the freezing cold blast, significantly reduced the amount of mud being transported back in the car and made for a cleaner drive home.
Mud Rush Nets
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