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Impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the physical activity level of Asian communities across Tāmaki Makaurau Report

The objective of ActivAsian’s regional research on the Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on the Physical Activity Level of Asian communities is to gather information on the following:

  • The Asian communities’ behaviour changes and attitude of physical activity before and during 2021 lockdown;
  • Reasons for behaviour change;
  • Relationship between attitude, activity level and behaviour change;
  • The Asian communities’ participation in physical activity in 2020 lockdown compared with 2021 lockdown;
  • Barriers and enablers to getting active physically;
  • The Asian communities’ needs;
  • Approaches to support members of our communities to actively engage in sport and physical activities and to improve their overall wellbeing.

The purpose of the research is to provide insights into how Asian communities have been engaging in sport and physical activities through COVID-19 Level 4 lockdowns. These insights will be used to improve the accessibility and quality of play, active recreation and sport experiences, and to build resilience for our Asian communities.