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The Otago Exercise Programme is an evidence-based programme designed specifically to improve leg strength and balance and prevent falls in older adults.  Each booklet consists of a set of leg muscle strengthening and balance exercises.  Start by doing the ‘Beginner Home Exercise Programme’ and progress to the ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ programme if more appropriate.  Please take your time working through these exercises and work at your own pace. If you have an Exercise Band you can try the Chair Based Exercise Programme too.

These resources are kindly shared by Later Life Training UK.


The full Otago Exercise Programme is available for download here.

View the video below for more Otago Exercise Programme exercises.

Please note – some exercises are ‘Advanced’ and not recommended if you are just starting out or have balance issues.  Perform ALL exercises at your own pace and to your own ability.

For more information on Falls Prevention visit the Live Stronger for Longer website.