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Northbridge Retirement Village


From a village struggling to move, to an all-dancing, all-laughing group of confident, exercise fanatics! Northbridge retirement village were initially sceptical of the Green Pre-scription idea of a tailored exercise class. The class is specifi-cally for those in retirement villages, village staff thought there would be little interest from the generally static residents. A class to enhance strength of limbs, coordination, balance and confidence was all but shot down. Now the class rises as one of their most successful exercise feats.


The interest generated from a taster session formed a class of motivated, if slightly nervous individuals. They were ready to improve their mobility with regular exercise, in a friendly and social environment. The group began at a fairly low mobility standard, but with a wide variety of exercise capabilities. Therefore the class had to be appropriate for all of the participants. Through tailored exercises, different difficulty options and lots of enthusiasm the class has improved. We have seen improved balance, strength and confidence, as well as gaining many social and mental benefits.

The classes have been progressive, and the group are now unaided walking, improved range of motion, leg strength and balance. In a recent feedback survey, one resident wrote “The programme has helped to improve my balance considerably, the exercises and regular practice has really paid off!”. Initially, many of the participants were unable to stand up from a chair without assistance. Now they can easily stand due to “much better muscle control” and “much improved balance”. The friendly nature of the class allows residents to “enjoy the company of new people” and experience group exercise in a “positive atmosphere”. The use of fun, motivating music and varied levels of exercise keeps the class fresh and enjoyable. There have even been requests for the class to be lengthened or increased to multiple times a week!


The class was a real success, and the enthusiasm of both the staff and residents has grown each week! They were so desperate for us to continue, they asked for us to become a paid service to carry on delivering! The classes will continue to run for the foreseeable future and new people are coming along each week. We hope to reap even more benefits going forwards!

“I’ve noticed a huge change gradually over the 8 weeks… My walking is better and I sleep so much more easily now”.

Liz Golding, Harbour Sport

Phone: 09 4154659


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