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Volunteer of the month

November’s edition of volunteer of the month sees a volunteer who has helped in an array of sports. He has run three hockey teams, two soccer teams, inter school touch and even helped out outside of classroom hours for Waterwise. His hard work and dedication has enabled Birkenhead Primary to offer their students increased sporting opportunities. This month’s winner is Carmen Hui. He is dependable and always willing to go the extra mile. All the hard work Carmen has shown through volunteering is supported in this statement. ‘Carmen has been volunteering at

‘Carmen has been volunteering at school for the past three years, and he is there for EVERYTHING! Without Carmen, many of our sports teams would not be viable, as he takes on coaching, umpiring (even when he is new to a sport), managing and assisting. For example this year he has: – coached and managed a winter hockey team and two summer hockey teams – coached and managed two soccer teams – coached and managed an interschool touch rugby team (through a series of interschool events) – helped at education outside the classroom for the week – helped at Waterwise – helped at school/cluster events Carmen has two boys at Birkenhead Primary and his feelings are that he will support them, plus other children who just want to play a sport, no matter how much experience they have. Without him, I would not be able to enter as many teams as we have in competitions. He has been an amazing support to me; someone that I can rely and depend upon – including transporting other children to their chosen sport.

As mentioned previously, without Carmen taking on as many roles as he has, we would not be able to provide the quantity of teams that we do at Birkenhead Primary School. For example, Carmen is not a hockey player, but has taken on umpiring and coaching (not an easy task). He has a wonderful manner with the children, supporting and encouraging them at all times. After each game he emails parents, advising how well the team did, who got the player of the day and why, when the next practice is and any other relevant information. He goes the extra mile at all times, and it is a real pleasure to have him as a parent at our school.’ The amount of commitment and dedication Carmen has shown throughout the last 3 years truly makes him a worthy winner of our Volunteer of the Month award. The fundamental reason for Carmen winning this award is through his incredible efforts supporting the school. The supporting statement clearly clarifies this!

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