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March’s edition of volunteer of the month saw an outstanding volunteer who received two separate nominations for the award! This volunteer is responsible for starting cricket at KingsWay School.  Before this gentleman came along, cricket was not an option at the school. Since the first team was created 3 year ago, the sport has grown rapidly and there are now 5 teams, including 4 blitz cricket teams and 1 T20 team, all of which are coached by this incredible volunteer. This month’s winner is Graeme Lee, all his hard work and dedication is verified in the statements below.

“Graeme has been volunteering as a coach at KingsWay School for 3 years. He is absolutely passionate about the sport of cricket. He plays at club level himself, and he coaches multiple teams at school. Often he is running from our T20 morning games on Saturday to make it to his own game across town on time for a 1pm start. He is totally dedicated to each and every team he coaches.

Graeme was instrumental in establishing cricket blitz teams at our school. Before Graeme started the teams, we had no cricket option, and if anyone wanted to play cricket, often their only option was to play at another school. Now we have 4 cricket blitz teams and 1 x T20, within 3 years, and likely to increase again this year. Graeme volunteers his own time almost every afternoon to practices and games, as well as Saturday morning. My son plays in the T20 team, their scheduled practice is 3:30 til 5pm, but the players won’t stop playing until the gates are locked, they enjoy the practices so much, so parents are waiting until after 6pm before they can take their lads home!! Graeme makes the game enjoyable, their skill level has grown enormously, and we are aiming for A Grade next season. But most importantly, Graeme encourages each and every player and really looks to ensure that they know they are a valued member of the team. He has ensured that 2 keen cricketers from another school with no team to play in, are accommodated in our team and that they feel welcome. He’s all about the cricket!!

Graeme Lee is the ICT director at KingsWay School in Silverdale. He loves cricket. Until a couple of seasons ago, KingsWay School had no cricket teams at all. From humble beginnings, and with little support but enthusiastic kids and his own love of the sport, Graeme galvanised a group of boys and entered a Cricket Blitz team into the local competition. The word spread and despite no cricket facilities at School, many kids now enjoy playing in School cricket teams. In Term 1 2017, the School has 2 x Year 5/6 Cricket Blitz teams, 2 x Year 7/8 Cricket Blitz teams, as well as a Saturday Year 9/10 T20 team. These five teams are all coached by Graeme. He runs trainings, attends games and umpires. All this, despite having no children of his own in any of the teams. He just loves cricket! This is a classic tale of “build it, and they will come!” I believe Graeme is very deserving of North Harbour Volunteer of the Month. He is travelling to the UK later this year to play cricket, and would be able to put a $90 Rebel Sport voucher to very good use before then.

As above … Graeme started with one Cricket Blitz team a couple of seasons ago. There are now five cricket teams at KingsWay School.”

The amount of commitment and dedication Graeme has shown throughout the last 3 years to start and grow the cricket programme at KingsWay School makes him a truly worthy winner of our Volunteer of the Month award. The fundamental reason for Graeme winning this award is because he was nominated!

If you wish to nominate someone exceptional in your area then please take some time to answer ten questions to put them in the running for the award.

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