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Opportunity Thinking – Thanks COVID 19!In every crisis there are also opportunities. So, what possible opportunities are there for you and your organisation?Firstly, let us just acknowledge that this is an unprecedented crisis. At its heart is a very serious health issue and we must all take appropriate responsibility and do everything we can to help get this under control with the minimal loss of life. Secondly, for almost every organisation it is an unprecedented organisational crisis the likes of which we have never seen before. It will also affect different organisations very differently. Some may not survive, and this is very sad. Our economy will not be the same for some considerable time, if ever. However, that is not all necessarily bad. Change can be good too. And adversity the mother of invention. Thirdly, the fear, uncertainty, loss of normal routines, and constant negative media bombardment can be trying on even the most well-adjusted individual’s personal mental health. Accordingly, it is very important to also be able to focus on a positive future and what this may hold. For these reasons we bring you some thoughts on exploring what may be positive opportunities out of all of this on yourself and your organisation.