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This February, all across the country, people will be hopping on bikes as part of the Aotearoa Bike Challenge (and winning some great prizes for it). Here’s what you need to know:

  • How does my team win? The more people at your workplace ride, the higher your participation score – riding more often is great, but getting your colleagues on bikes is the key to victory!
  • How do I take part? It’s simple: Ride, anytime, anywhere between 1-28 February, 2017, then record your ride on the Love to Ride
  • What can I win? A trip to British Columbia or Croatia, gift cards to local businesses, adventures, meals, gear, and more!
  • How do I win prizes? Record your ride(s) to go into the drawing.
  • What’s the aim of the Challenge? To get more people on bikes, and to make bicycling better across the country.  So encourage your colleagues to take part and try riding a bike. They only need to ride for 10 minutes (it can be for fun OR transport)!
  • How does this make New Zealand better for bicycling? Other communities around the world have gotten tens of thousands of new riders on bikes, and 1/3 of them started riding regularly!! We’re also collecting data that will help NZTA and other partners make planning investments to boost bicycling.
  • Who can take part?  Anyone and everyone! (over the age of 13).

So get your colleagues involved. Email the below message to them and start the conversation!

Happy riding!