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Active for Life – Green Prescription – June 2021

What is your background with health and fitness?

Prior to joining Green Prescription, Dayna wasn’t very active & needed to lose weight. Dayna’s nutrition was also not the best.

How was your journey with Green Prescription?

Dayna started going to the aqua classes at Glenfield leisure center and walking every day. She slowly started doing more intense workouts as time went on.

What was your main goal when joining the Green Prescription programme?

Dayna wanted to lose weight (3.5kg) and become fitter.

What results/impact has your journey had?

Dayna’s nutrition was not the best but she took out lots of carbohydrates and made healthier substitutions. Like swapping white bread out for wholegrain bread. Dayna started to eat more plant-based, reduced her cheese intake, and started eating hummus and yoghurt instead.

Dayna achieved a weight loss of 2 kilos. Her general health improved as well as her nutrition. This huge change in Dayna’s lifestyle means she is no longer in the pre-diabetic bracket.

The referral to the Green Prescription nutritionist Cherise was very helpful to Dayna as well as the seminar for pre-diabetics and diabetics

What are your future goals?

Dayna is very proud of how far she has come and wants to continue to be active every day and lose another 5kg, she wants to continue to make healthy lifestyle choices for the benefit of her health and personal lifestyle.

“My general health improved as well as the prevention of diabetes. The exercise that I have completed now means that I am no longer in the pre-diabetic bracket.”


Healthy Lifestyle Advisor: Ellen Rowlandson
Phone: 022 042 5418