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Active for Life – Green Prescription – March 2022

What is your background with health and fitness?

Prior to Green Prescription Karter had a major injury that completely changed his life. His activity level decreased, he became inactive, unmotivated and depressed. He did not exercise regularly and instead was sitting most of the day. He lived off takeaways and fizzy drinks. Karter did not have a balanced diet and often craved fatty foods.

How was your journey with Green Prescription?

Since joining Green Prescription Karter started walking consistently everyday. As time progressed so to did the distance of his walks . Every week Karter was setting new personal bests and extending his walks further. As he suffered from a knee injury this was a major achievement as weight bearing and walking for long periods of times were difficult.

What was your main goal when joining the Green Prescription programme?

1) Karter managed to lose weight and overall health.

2) Karter now feels happier within himself.

3) Karter increased strength in his legs which lead to decreased knee pain.

What results/impact has your journey had?

Since joining Green Prescription Karter has cut out fizzy drinks, he rarely buys takeaways and his cravings for takeaways subsided. Karter now has a well balanced diet and is always looking to find healthier alternatives. He barely has sweets and understands the concept of a treat. He has found that he enjoys fruit and vegetables and a well balanced diet in general. It was a process for Karter but he managed to cut out all the bad nutrition habits and implemented healthier sustainable choices.

What are your future goals?

Karter continues to walk daily and looks to increase the time and distance of each walks. This increase in physical activity is accompanied by healthier nutrition choices.

“The motivation, encouragement, and advice from my healthy lifestyle advisor. The checkups throughout the programme helped to reassure me that I was on the right path and if ever I needed tips or tricks Green Prescription were always there to help.”

– Karter

Healthy Lifestyle Advisor: Raven Stevens
Phone: 022 658 4010