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Active for Life – Green Prescription – June 2021

What is your background in health and fitness?

Before joining Green Prescription, I had severe post-natal depression for 3 years, I was also working a lot. I was struggling more than ever and was going through a separation from my abusive partner. I didn’t exercise at all and had a lot of body-image issues that stemmed from my partners abuse. I was very unhappy and wanted to change this.

How was your journey with Green Prescription?

I started going to group exercise classes and really benefited from them. The instructors were really supportive and friendly. All of the people in the class knew everyone’s name and made me feel very welcome. Joining the leisure center gym gave me the confidence to join Les Mills, in which I attend group fitness classes on a regular basis.

What was your main goal when joining the Green Prescription programme?

My goals were to loose weight and improve my mental health.

What results/impact has your journey had?

I have now lost 25kgs and my mental health has improved hugely. I really appreciated the support and empathy that people gave to me in the group fitness classes. Some days I dreaded the thought of going to the gym, but knowing that the people who went to the class and the instructors were going to be there made me go. The instructor and other people attending the class were so caring and uplifting. They encouraged and supported me, telling me that I was doing so well and that I was beautiful. That made me feel really happy and pushed me to get out of bed.

What are your future goals?

I have joined Les Mills and will continue to exercise in the group fitness classes most days. My future goal is to become an instructor for Latin and hip hop group fitness so that I can start teaching international students and get them out exercising in a social and supportive environment. I would use K pop music to make it feel more familiar.

“I feel very appreciative of everyone involved in green prescription. Everyone was so empathetic and listened to me. I lost 25kg and feel so much better because of green prescription. ”


Healthy Lifestyle Advisor: Ellen Rowlandson
Phone: 022 042 5418