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Active for Life – Green Prescription – July 2021

What is your background with health and fitness?

Samantha was a personal trainer, gym manager, and completed a Bachelor of Sport Management. The health and fitness Industry was a big part of her life. Following multiple serious health diagnosis’, an excessive weight gain, 5 years with the Rodney Mental Health Board, and 2 children; she found herself in a difficult situation. Samantha was an unhealthy weight, and mentally struggling to recognise the woman in the mirror. Although she had the experience and a strong background in health and fitness, it was almost impossible to apply it to her own life again.

How was your journey with Green Prescription?

Since gaining support through the Green Prescription programme, Samantha has rebuilt a healthy lifestyle not just regarding her weight loss, but also establishing a structured daily routine. Samantha says, “I have become a positive influence on my children and my family. Most importantly, she feels a sense of empowerment by having her life back and being back in the health and fitness industry, this time as a customer.

What was your main goal when joining the Green Prescription programme?

Samantha’s main goal was to obtain a daily exercise routine and felt that it would give her a sense of stability in her life. She did, with the help of the Green Prescription team getting her involved with the Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre and supporting her financially to become an established and proactive member within the gym. 

What results/impact has your journey had?

Samantha has achieved: weight loss, feels stronger and fitter, practices better nutrition. These lifestyle changes have improved her physical health and had a positive effect on her mental health. 

What are your future goals?

Samantha will continue with her daily exercise and involvement in the local community leisure centre and gym. Even though she has been absent for 3 weeks for family reasons, Samantha says, “my experience with Green Prescription has given me the drive to return despite the break in routine. 

” I enjoyed being given the opportunity to have a “fresh start”. The Green Prescription also supported our family to financially get me started. “


Healthy Lifestyle Advisor: Moriki Read
Phone: 027 700 4016