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This webinar is an opportunity for leaders of National Play, Active Recreation and Sport organisations to further learn about the implications of the Incorporated Societies Act 2022, which is designed to make incorporated societies more robust from a governance standpoint. It will be held 14th September 12.30-1.15pm


At this session you will:

  1. Find out what we have uncovered from the pilot constitutional reviews undertaken with three NSOs and with one code from NSO through to regional and club level
  2. Be provided with more information on resources and support that Sport NZ is developing to help the sector navigate the changes
  3. Be updated on the status of the draft Incorporated Societies Regulations and some key points
  4. Hear how the future Integrity Code relates to this work
  5. Have the opportunity to ask questions


This webinar will help you understand: 

  1. How this is an opportunity for leadership through a cohesive, co-ordinated sector approach
  2. The timeframe for making these changes
  3. What support will be available to the sector in the form of templates, guidance and future webinars