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Active for Life – Green Prescription – October 2020


Prior to Green Prescription Natalie only did Pilates once a week to help with her back pain and herniated disc. Natalie’s nutrition was average mainly because she didn’t put too much thought into what type of food she ate.


Natalie came away from her consult with suggestions about different types activities she could do to improve her recovery and information on joining a gym.

She liked being introduced to new things and also the follow ups from her Healthy Lifestyle Advisor that kept her on track.


To strengthen her core muscles and reduce her back pain.


Natalie has benefited from muscle gain, increased fitness, lifestyle changes and reduced back pain.

She said she is feeling much better because she is now able to manage her back pain.

Since the programme Natalie has continued with Pilates and now also does a Zumba class once a week, goes to the gym 3 to 4 times per week and is working on increasing her strength muscle building, and sometimes takes part in a circuit class to add variety to her workouts.


Natalie is always trying to change and improve her diet but, it’s an ongoing challenge. She took an opportunity to get a discount through the Green Prescription Programme for the ‘online’ Healthy Food Guide and tries different meals from the website, it helps her find better alternatives to the food she enjoys as well introducing her to new ones and ingredients that she has never used before.


To lose weight and build muscle, she wants to be strong and fit now.

“The Green Prescription Programme has introduced me to services and activities that have improved my life in a positive way and I feel I’m getting more than just a discount on my gym membership, it gives me a variety of opportunities


Healthy Lifestyle Advisor: Vanessa Kipa
Phone: 027 700 2212