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With 17 years of experience in developing Sports specific class programmes to improve the performance of both individual athletes and teams, our programmes have proven to be successful with professional sportsmen and women. In the past we have worked with All Blacks, the Breakers, Olympic Swimmers and Sailors and many other sports people.  We are currently training professional dancers and Olympic kayakers.  All of the Sports people we train are looking to improve their sports performance, reduce injuries and when injuries occur, we improve recovery time.

We can do the same for your Teams. Our objective is to assist and support you by developing programmes specifically to meet your team’s needs.

We’d like to invite you to experience Suna Pilates for yourself – for free.  We can show you why Pilates…

  • Is being used as a complimentary training module by competitive athletes to gain that competitive edge
  • builds a strong core, increases strength and flexibility simultaneously and improves posture, stability and alignment
  • is most effective when started from a young age.  It conditions the whole body correcting muscular imbalances that are a primary cause of injury, reducing injuries and setting up good ‘training posture’ for life

Once you know what Suna Pilates is all about, we can talk you through our programs options and how they can best work for your teams. If you would rather send some of your coaches, please let us know.

Suna Pilates