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Still need that extra bit of convincing to join the Green Prescription programme and take the first step into your healthy lifestyle journey? Take a look through some of our client success stories and hear what they have to say!
“The motivation, encouragement and advice from my healthy lifestyle advisor. The check ups throughout the programme helped to reassure me that I was on the right path and if ever I needed tips or tricks Green Prescription were always there to help.”
“The support from my Healthy Lifestyle Advisor encouraged me to kick start this journey. If it were not for my Healthy Lifestyle Advisor, I would not be where I am today, I wouldn’t have even started”
“My body is changing, my mental, emotional, and spiritual being has changed, and Green Prescription is something I had no idea about but took a chance on and it has changed my life for the best”
” I enjoyed being given the opportunity to have a “fresh start”. The Green Prescription also supported our family to financially get me started. “
“I feel very appreciative of everyone involved in green prescription. Everyone was so empathetic and listened to me. I lost 25kg and feel so much better because of green prescription. ”
“My general health improved as well as the prevention of diabetes. The exercise that I have completed now means that I am no longer in the pre-diabetic bracket.”
” I feel great and more positive!”
“Green Prescription helped me to get into better habits- I’ve cut way down on sugar and alcohol and now eat good breakfasts more regularly.”
“ I’m a better mum because of it. This has been an incredible, eye-opening journey for all of us.
“ It’s great to have something to support and inspire you to have a different attitude, and this is what Green Prescription did for me.
“The Green Prescription Programme has introduced me to services and activities that have improved my life in a positive way and I feel I’m getting more than just a discount on my gym membership, it gives me a variety of opportunities
“During lock-down, my Healthy Lifestyle Advisor kept in touch, sent me exercises to do at home and generally encouraged me to do what I could at home. She even supplied me with stretchy bands needed for some of the exercises.”